• No glass, no problem

    No glass, no problem

    I thought I could remove my windshield and rear glass myself with $10 worth of Harbor Freight tools, I thought wrong.  In come the professionals, who in under ten minutes had the glass out, no problem.  Now I have much easier access to the interior.  This is an absolutely necessary […]

  • So your Coupe’s got the rear wiper dribble.

    So your Coupe’s got the rear wiper dribble.

    The BMW Z3 Coupe has a problematic rear wiper washer… it dribbles. Apparently a low pressure area forms at the back of the hatch when the car is underway, cause any fluid in the line to be drawn out. It doesn’t pour out, but will leave watermarks and washer residue. […]

  • What’s this thingabober?

    What’s this thingabober?

    Looks like an adjuster, but I believe those are located at the top, hence the slot for a Phillips screwdriver.  This thing looks like a wing-nut, but obviously made of the most brittle plastic BMW could spec. EDIT:  Apparently it’s for the automatic vertical aiming adjuster that the European spec’d […]


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