• Road Atlanta Track Day with CCA

    Road Atlanta Track Day with CCA

    Earlier last month I revisited Road Atlanta for the Spring DE with the Peachtree Chapter of the BMW CCA.  This was my second time out with this group at Road Atlanta, last fall being my introduction to this amazing track. The weather really cooperated for this weekend, with cool temps […]

  • E36 Under-body Trim Panel

    E36 Under-body Trim Panel

    Underneath the E36 (all models except ti compacts) there are two black plastic trim pieces found just behind the rear jack pads, in front of the rear wheels.  These trim panels fill an oddly shaped gap between the plastic fuel tank and the rocker panel / cabin floor.  They also […]

  • E36 Door Handle Trim Replacement

    E36 Door Handle Trim Replacement

    My ’98 M3 Sedan is in pretty clean shape, but there’s no getting around the ravages of 17 years on the rubber and plastic parts.  One of the most common parts to show signs of aging and dry rot are the black rubber gaskets surrounding the door handles. Thankfully BMW […]

  • Sometimes it’s the Simplest Solution

    Sometimes it’s the Simplest Solution

    You’d have thought I’d learned my lesson with the brake debacle on the M Coupe.  A short recap; a long drawn out brake issue turned out to be simple deformed bleed screws.  The take-away; it’s often the simplest of solutions causing your problem.  So, before you start rebuilding the top-end […]

  • E36 M3 Muffler Repair

    E36 M3 Muffler Repair

    I found that my stock muffler had split along its seam from rust during one of my many visits to the underside of the ’98 M3.  As previously mentioned, the car began its life in New York state, which surely involved some salted road driving.  I had already tackled much […]


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