Not long ago I had the headliner, A-pillar, C-pillar, and sunroof panel recovered to replace the sagging original liner.  Everything went together well, except for breaking off the tiny plastic mounting tabs on the A-pillar trim pieces.  These plastic tabs slip into metal clips on the A-pillars and retain the trim piece.  Unfortunately they are very fragile and became brittle over time.  I originally just used the rubber door gasket to help keep the piece in place, but it wasn’t working that well.  After a little time the pieces would loosen up again and start to fall away.

Fortunately the broken off tabs weren’t lost, having been stuck in the metal clips.  I picked up some plastic epoxy from the parts store and went to work.

1. Pulling back weather stripping.

Weather Strip Pulled
2.  Epoxying the tabs back into place.  I added some epoxy to the sides of the unbroken tabs as well, just to add a little strength.
Epoxying Tabs

3.  Tighten up the weather stripping by pinching it together.
Bending back Stripping

4. Finished trim piece back in place.  I took extra care on installation to make sure the tabs inserted properly into the metal tabs.

A-Pillar Trim Installed


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