My last post about the M3 covered removal of the rear subframe.  With the subframe out, the last of the wiring harness could be fished out of the car.  I had previously disconnect all the electrical components, leaving the main chassis harness in the car.  I wanted to maintain as much integrity to the harness as possible, so no easy snipping of wires here.  Well… I did cheat and cut the harnesses running to the doors and trunk lid, as both would be gutted and no need to save the wiring.

Pulling Harness Through FirewallHole in Firewall

The entire harness runs to a single hole in the firewall, where it enters the relay/fuse box found beside the brake booster, behind the left front strut tower.  This box is secured to the firewall with a few nuts, which are accessible from the driver’s footwell.  With the box loose from the firewall, I was able to feed the harness out of the interior of the car.

Complete E36 Harness

Now the real work: laying the whole harness out in order to determine what needs to be saved to rewire the car for race car minimums.


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