In my most recent post I covered the many headaches involving the brakes on my M Coupe, which was solved by replacing the Speed Bleeders with normal OEM style bleed screws.  This upcoming weekend I plan to take my MR2 Spyder to the track, and as part of the track preparations, I always check the brakes (among a slew of other items.)  Well, I remembered that I had also installed Speed Bleeders on my MR2, better pull them and take a look…

Spyder Speed Bleeders Yep, four more mangled bleeders.  That makes 10 for 10 that were damaged.  I know some of you are going to say I was just over-tightening them.  If you were to read my other post, you’d see that I tested two brand new ones by only tightening them until the fluid flow stopped, yet they were still damaged, albeit not to this extent.  I’m also tightening them to the same torque I’ve always used on any car I’ve done brakes on.  I’m no metallurgist, but I’d guess the grade steel these are made of is too weak, or perhaps they machined too much away to accommodate the check valve assembly.  It’s really a moot point, as I’ll never be using them again.  Back to good old, plain OEM-style bleeders.

The good news is that the BMW and Toyota use the same size bleed screws, and I had ordered 4 extras when I was replacing the M Coupe’s.


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