Jason from Illicit Motorsports did a bang up job installing this 4-point rollbar, harness bar, battery mount, and Lotus seat mounts in the MR2.  What’s more is he did it in short order, while he was preparing for nationals in Utah, so that I could make a track event.  Unfortunately some hold-ups with the harness installation and a few other last minute items kept me from making it to the track with the MR2.  He left the bars bare, which I coated with some rust preventive paint, followed by some POR-15 epoxy paint.  It didn’t come out as smooth as I had hoped, so much for “self leveling” paint.  The battery is larger than the original Deka I was running, this one easily cranks the engine every time.  Moving it to behind the passenger seat also got it away from the heat coming off the headers and probably did a little bit to aid in the weight distribution.  The bar was made after I visited his shop so measurements with my helmet on could be made.  The main hoop is as tall as possible without interfering with the hardtop, while the braces are welded to thick plate on the tubular reinforcement that runs along the top of the firewall.  The main hoop’s bases are welded to more plate just behind the fuel tank bulkhead.  A little customizing of a OEM harness bar I picked up in a junkyard allowed me to keep the stock three-point belts, though I haven’t yet fabricated a mount for the female receptacle.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

IMG_6928 IMG_6929

IMG_6930 IMG_7202

IMG_7201 IMG_7054

IMG_7052 IMG_7051

IMG_7050 IMG_7049

IMG_6946 IMG_6945

IMG_6944 IMG_6940


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