I was tired of a somewhat spongy brake pedal at the track in the M Coupe, so I decided to go a couple steps further in the bleeding process.  The complexities of the modern car’s ABS system mean there are numerous spots where air can become trapped in the system.  There are a few different techniques to dislodge this air, like forcing the ABS to engage by braking over a slippery surface like wet grass.  Rather than do this, I looked to the factory/dealer prescribed method, which uses a special BMW authored software called DIS.  I didn’t have a laptop with the software running (it’s notoriously finicky to setup and run) so I put out an SOS to the Bimmerforums Texas sub-forum.  Fortunately a follow enthusiast in Austin offered to let me borrow his setup.  It worked like a charm, cycling the primer pump and actuating the valves, with very basic on-screen instructions.  The dealer would have a wheeled bleeder cart to pressurize the system, whereas I have a simple Motive pressure bleeder.  I first flushed the system with some cheap parts store fluid to try to get any bub

DIS Bleed Program Motive Power Bleeder

Pressure Bleeder IMG_6994

I’ve since purchased my own copy of the software and installed it on an old beat up Windows XP laptop, more to come on that.  I’ve also since switched to Brembo LCF 600 brake fluid, which seems to have a slightly better pedal feel than the Motul.  Due to a full garage and a steep driveway, I had to do that work in the street.  I knew those traffic cones would come in handy. UPDATE:  Please read this thread to see the source of all the brake pedal woes. Redneck Garage


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