I normally try to get these posts up a little sooner, right after the event if at all possible.  Unfortunately I’ve been sidetracked with work on the MR2 and cleaning house in anticipation for my folks (and dog) visiting this week for the ALMS race at COTA.  I’ve already posted up the paddock photo gallery, as well as a number of videos from the event.  This wasn’t my first time at Motorsports Ranch (MSR), but it was my first time driving the large 3.1 mile configuration.  I’d heard a lot of stories about this configuration, from the horrific engine blow-up to the spinning off in to the tire walls.  But one thing everyone agreed on; it’s one of the best tracks out there, and they were right.  I was spared any mechanical issues, my previous fix on the front coilovers held up just fine.  One thing that did rear its ugly head again; brake fade.  The same soft pedal (indicating fluid, not pads, was the issue) that I experienced on the second day at Texas World Speedway (TWS) was back again, despite bleeding the day prior.  That was my last try with ATE SuperBlue, so I dropped the car off at Performance Speed Tech (PST) at 0700 on Sunday for a flush and fill with some Motul 600.  The second day I had no fade, despite turning much quicker lap times, perhaps due to a boost in confidence.

Leading an RX-7, Boxtter, and BRZ at MSR Cresson

This was my second event with The Driver’s Edge (TDE), and I have to say they put on a fantastic event.  Their classroom sessions are lively and informative (I sat through Green and Blue), everyone is extremely friendly, and everything is well organized.  I definitely recommend anyone interested in trying out a track day or driver’s education (DE) to look into TDE.  I had already been promoted to Blue group after my last event, but they were full, so I begged to get a slot in Green.  It was probably were I needed to be anyways, as I had never driven the configuration and was planning on bringing the MR2.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the MR2 ready in time, so I packed the back of the M Coupe and drove up Friday night.  I ended up staying in Granbury, the nearest civilization to Cresson, and only about 10min away.  It’s a neat town, with a lake right in town, which my hotel was on.

As for the driving, other than the first session spent behind the slowest and longest train I’ve ever seen, it was a complete blast.  I didn’t really get that into the 1.7, but the 3.1 was is tons of fun.  Lots of variety, elevation changes, on/off camber corners, slow speed esses, and one completely blind crest/corner.  There are lots of passing areas, and speeds stay in the reasonable 100mph range.  So far (out of Harris Hill, TWS, and MSR 1.7) this is my favorite track.  The surface is smoother than TWS and way more than Harris Hill, so my head wasn’t bouncing off the ceiling.  And as with every track event, there was a great variety of cars to stare at, and the instructors were top notch as well.  Probably this best part; no heat stroke.  It was still in the upper 90s, but some very regimented hydrating and a cooling scarf made a world of difference.

Trying to stay out in front of a quick BRZ.


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