Nothing too serious.  I knew I was going to have to bleed the brakes after the last track day.  While I was under the car I checked the condition and security of everything and found that the rear two O2 sensors were loose, just rattling around.

M Coupe back in for some workNew bolt installed on PS pump bracket

I also found a missing bolt that holds the power steering pump bracket to the oil pan.  It’s secured at several other points, so fortunately it didn’t tweak the mount or tear up a belt.  I had a perfectly sized bolt in my spares, so I installed it with some blue Loctite to keep it put.  The O2 sensors are going to require a bit more effort, since the confines are so tight it is impossible to get a O2 socket or wrench on them.  I’ll have to remove the center resonator, which is no fun task.  At least it’ll give me an opportunity to check some other items, like the center support bearing for the drive shaft.



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