The Coupe was in desperate need of a bath following the last track day.  Track days mean getting black marks from the tons of tire rubber littering the track and filthy wheels from brake dust.  I also smashed a whole swarm of grasshoppers during the drive to and from the track.  After reading a few reviews on the Chemical Guys products, I decided to give them a try.  I’ve been using them for a while now and have been very pleased.  At first I was just using their wax, now I’m using their wash and spray sealers.  The soap does a much better job than store bought brands at lifting marks and bug guts.  The spray is very simple, just spray on and wipe with a clean microfiber.  As a bonus, it smells just like orange cream-cicles.  I’m also using the two bucket method now, which really helps keep the dirt out of the soap.

Chemical GuysClean Coupe 1

Clean Coupe 2

Clean Coupe 3Clean Coupe 4

Clean Coupe 5Clean Coupe 6


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