As I alluded to in my last post, the Spyder is suffering from coolant leaks.  I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it down to the small plugs that are on the left side of the head.  Like most engine work on the Spyder, it requires removing lots of stuff to access the problematic area.

Tearing apart the rear of the car

Leaky plug

The culprit.

Lesson: don’t use store brand coolant plugs.  These were from an auto parts store, made in China no doubt, and only a few years old.  Meanwhile, all the 11+ year old Toyota OEM plugs are holding strong.  In hindsight I should have replaced all the rubber plugs on the engine when I was rebuilding it.  Now I’ve ordered plenty of extra genuine Toyota plugs and spring clamps.  Also recommend using the OE spring clamps, as a worm clamp tends to cut into the rubber.  More to follow once I have the parts in hand.

UPDATE: See this post for the fix to the coolant plugs.


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