The E36/8 M Coupe has it’s rear window defrost button located oddly behind the parking brake and center storage bins.  You probably wouldn’t even realize it was there until you need it and have to search all over.  Meanwhile, the front of the center console has a button blank beside the traction control and AC buttons.  I can only assume this is because the setup is shared with the Roadster, which has an additional button for the retractable top.  Other configurations of the E36/7/8 chassis probably had even more (or less) buttons to find places for.

Original Rear Defrost Button

Original button location.

While browsing through Real OEM, I discovered that BMW made a simple storage bin (PN: 51168399088 ~$10) to replace the rear switch console, so I decided to simply relocate the defrost button up front.  Thus making it far easier to reach and also more aesthetically pleasing.  There is enough slack in the wiring harness to move it forward without any cutting and splicing, as it actually runs from the front of the car to the back.  You just have to undo the wire ties and tape covering the harness.

Wiring pulled out to run forward New bin next to the old button mounts.

Stock plastic blank in place Defrost button moved forward

New plastic bin installed


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