The M3 is in desperate need of some love.  It’s pretty clear its previous owners weren’t the most mechanically inclined folks around, not by a long shot.  From the jury-rigged speaker wiring, to the hacked up exhaust, it is going to need a proper once over of every part.

I started by fixing some of the obvious rusty spots along the trunk lip.  Pulling up the rubber weatherstripping showed even more rust.  I simply sanded/ground/wire wheel’d as much of it as possible and gave it a coating of primer for the time being.

IMG_6345 IMG_6347 IMG_6344IMG_6353

While I was at it, I also rolled the rear inner fenders with a rented roller.  I gave up on trying to keep the paint cracking, considering it was already flaking off and had no clear coat remaining.

As I was going through and removing unneeded components (cruise control, airbags, etc) I marked the corresponding wiring bundles and mounts with red-x’s and descriptions so that I knew they could be removed later.  This would require a spot weld drill bit, so I’ll save that for later when more of the car is removed.

Cruise-control device removed. Fenders removed. Headliner and sunroof removed. IMG_6395 Rat's nest of wires coming from OE amplifier. Random fired bullet found in spare tire well. Removed unneeded fuses.


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