As seen in my previous posting, I had changed out the Dinan air filter for a slightly smaller one from Amsoil.  So now on to the install.  Pretty straight forward, remember I did have to clearance a bit from the aluminum crash bar.  I made a few other modifications to help it fit even better.  The air filter element rest directly over the left brake duct, which has a molded in intake on top.  This intake hole has a slightly raised lip, which was pushing into the bottom of the filter.  A razor blade made quick work of that, gaining about 1/4″ more space.  The outside air temperature (OAT) sender is also located on top of the duct (see the small hole the lower part of the photo below.)  The sender, it’s plug, and wire were also interfering with the filter.  So I drilled a hole in the side of the duct and relocated the sensor mount to the side of the duct with some 3M plastic epoxy.  The hose clamp in the photo is not original, but I added it as the sensor was a bit loose in its mount.

Widened up brake duct

Filter installed

Filter above brake duct

OAT Sender Filter installed


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