Advancements in automotive technology have rendered many tools obsolete, which can be witnessed through your local auto-parts store’s selection of oil cans. Despite fancy new non-serviceable engines, a need does still exist for a simple oil can. They come in handy for a number of reasons, chief would be pre-lubing parts such as the valve train during assembly. Another is a trick of reverse bleeding clutch slaves and brake calipers. Unfortunately, most of your chain store variety cans are shoddy Chinese junk. The local Autozone had two such examples, both were already broke, apparently sitting on a shelf was just too much for them.

So, while browsing the local Tractor Supply (Jeff Foxworthy jokes start out like this) I came across this little gem.

Oil Can

Made in America, no plastic parts, and less than ten bucks. They also had a smaller and larger version, but this one should do nicely.