I was first exposed to these tools while prepping AH-64 Apaches for loading onto C-5s at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.  I was having a hell of a time trying to back out a phillips-head screw that was holding a CMOS EOM on the wing-tip.  Normal screwdrivers only really allow you to apply vertical pressure and rotational torque in one simultaneous motion, so it’s difficult to keep from rounding out hard to remove screws.  These tools allow you to place a lot of pressure to the screw head, while using the leverage of the arm to put extra torque on the fastener.  It was the only way I got those God-forsaken screws out.  Purchased these directly from Snap-On (Blue Point being their lower-end line, but still made in the US and high quality.)

Additionally, these come in very handy in space-limited areas where a normal screwdrivers won’t work.  For example, I could have really used these to get the screws out that hold the muffler heat shield onto the M Coupe’s battery box.  Instead I had to use the old-school right-angle screwdriver shown below.  Fortunately I’ll never have to use that blasted thing again.

Blue Point right angle screwdrivers


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