Selling off several items removed from various projects on my M Coupe.  All have only 30k miles on them (other than the Euro headers, which I bought used but never installed.)  Shipping included to the lower 48 states.  Contact me if you are interested.


1. Z3M (S54) Flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch.  Only 30k miles, no signs of slipping, no signs of overheating, true and balanced.  Should be good for 100k miles.  Will fit both roadster and coupe with the S54. $150 for flywheel shipped. $150 for the clutch & pressure plate.  $275 shipped for all three.


2. European CSL style OEM headers (off of a Z4.)  Off of a right-hand drive model, so there is a small indentation on one of the runners made for steering clearance.  Fits both LHD & RHD models (E46 M3, Z4 M, Z3 M with S54.)  Rid yourself of the restrictive USDM headers with catalytic convertors inline. $800 shipped.


3. Stock Z3 M Coupe (and M Roadster) headers.  Only 30k miles, catalyst still solid.  Should fit all S54 powered BMWs. $145 shipped.



4. M Coupe/Roadster H-pipe for S54 equipped models.  Excellent condition, only 30k miles. $50 shipped.


5. Complete OEM suspension setup from an ’02 M Coupe.  Will also fit Roadsters.  Struts were not dissembled and are complete with M hats.  Only 30k miles.  No signs of leaking or other issues. $500 shipped.

6. M Coupe (also Roadster) OEM brake lines, only 30k miles.  Still in very good condition. $30 shipped.