I’m in the process of upgrading my stock HK stereo, but trying to keep it OEM looking. I had searched hard for specs on the sub enclosure, but hadn’t found much. So I picked up a spare enclosure to do some experimenting. I’m posting this for any others who may need this information.

For starters I wanted to know the internal volume. It’s a very complex shape, so simple measurements would be difficult to get an accurate number. So I sealed up the speaker hole and filled the box with water using a metric measuring cup to get the volume. I did this twice to insure I was getting an accurate reading.

The internal volume is 12L or 0.426 cuft. Surprisingly larger than it looks. Of course this doesn’t account for the amount of volume the speaker frame and magnet would displace.

There is also a piece of recycled fabric dampening material, I assume placed there for the same reasons you would use polyfill in a speaker enclosure.

The port is 2″x5″. It’s made of a stiff rubber and simply pressed into place, it comes out fairly easily by pulling it from the inside.

Measured perpendicular to the center of the speaker opening there is about 3.5″ of depth. This is just a rough measurement.

The opening is close to 5.75″

Stock sub:

Stock sub depth:


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