What are the odds, I just read this thread a little while ago: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1887041

A month or so ago I towed my Coupe down to Randy Forbes’ place to let him work his magic. On the way down, my tow rig, a ’09 Titan, catches a rock from a big rig and I get a stress crack about 36″ wide across the windshield. Fortunately the rock didn’t skip over the roof and hit the Coupe.

So last night picked up the car from Randy and began the drive back to Texas, when about 600miles into the journey I hear a sharp “pop!” Out of the corner of my eye I see this:

Shattered Corner Window

At first I thought some punk shot the car from the side of road, with a 22 or air rifle, nothing penetrated. But the cracks spider webbed out from one point. There was no car in the lane next to me when it happened, and I was going straight on a highway at about 78mph. After I pulled over and checked it, I couldn’t feel any indentation or signs of a bullet. It’s as though I just had the stress + material/manufacturing defect like mentioned in the sunroof thread.

Fortunately I have window tint, which seems to be holding the glass together for now.

So now I need a new one.

UPDATE:  Upon further inspection, I am more certain that a rock (or other hard debris) caused the crack.  There was a small indentation on the inside of the passenger side view mirror.  I suspect the rock was kicked up by the car in front of me, and it ricocheted off the mirror into the glass.


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