Well I decided to bite the bullet and just build up a new(er) engine. I got a good deal on a new short block which should get here this week. I have two complete engines already that I’ll be picking and choosing the best parts from, and of course putting new gaskets on everything.

87. Old engine on the stand, with the head removed. Everything looks to be good on the engine. Cleaned up all the mating surfaces, got all the needed components off of it, and will probably sell the short block.

88. My old engine had several layers of paint on it, both blue and black. I haven’t been pleased with any of the store brand spray on engine paints. They all claim to be chemical resistant, but everyone of them has started dissolving after just oil, gas, and simple engine cleaners. So I decided to use some G2 epoxy paint, the same stuff on my calipers. It is good for 900F and has stood up to brake cleaner. In order to get good adhesion I need to strip everything down. I started using brake cleaner, stripping pads on the air tools, and a lot of work with a wire brush. I then got some aircraft stripper, and just started coating the parts with it. This stuff is no joke, I had to wear two pairs of gloves as it just kept burning through. It doesn’t feel too hot when it hits your skin either.

89. Here are some of the parts laid out after initial cleaning. I quickly ran out of table space in the garage, so I picked up a cheap door at Lowes and put it on some saw horses for a make-shift work bench.

Next up I need to break down and clean the two heads I have. Not sure which I’ll use, whichever appears to be in the best shape.


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