Been a while since I’ve updated on here. I’ve got the new IACV and MAF installed, car idles like a champ now. Also did the ’03 headlight mod, got my boost gauge wired to the Datalogit for logging, and did some wheel spacers for the rear. Still working on the tune, taking it slow and make sure everything is alright, which means pulling plugs and doing checks on everything multiple times.

76. I wasn’t really happy with the stance of the rear wheels. The fronts were pretty close to flush, but the rears were sunk in almost as much as the stockers. So I picked up some 15mm H&R wheel spacers off of eBay after doing some measurements.

Here’s a view of the rear before the spacers:
Spacer Before

Here’s the spacer installed. These are the type that include new, longer studs that are pressed in. I’m very pleased with the quality of the H&R, they fit exact.
Spacers Installed

And some photos showing the look with the spacers installed. Much, much better in my opinion:
Spacers Left Rear Spacers Rear Spacers Right Rear


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