A little update since I’ve finished the initial work; car has been on several short drives, kept below 45mph and 4k rpm. A few issues arose, most were my own fault.

Once I got the AC and cams fixed, I started back to tuning, which means Web 3.0 tuning and me logging. Everything was looking pretty good except we couldn’t get it to idle right when coming off throttle. It was nearly impossible to keep the car running with the AC and a cold engine (water temp <80C.) Multiple changes to the maps and settings did little to help. I also had an intermittent sticking throttle (sticking closed) problem. At first I thought it was the pedal or cable, but then I started researching a bit more. Found out it was most likely the throttle stop screw on the TB.

So I pulled the throttle body and sure enough the stop and screw weren’t even touching. I adjusted per a Lotus TSB (touching, then one additional 1/2 turn.) While everything was off I also wanted to clean the IACV. Good thing I looked at it, because it was frozen solid. It was stuck at about 1/3 open and wouldn’t move with voltage applied. It’s amazing the car idled at all given the circumstances.

Also while everything was pulled off I checked my Supra Turbo MAF and discovered a previous epoxy repair didn’t hold. So now I’m waiting for a new IACV and a used MAF.

While I was trying to repair the old IACV, I pulled one off my spare 2zz to discover it too was locked up. It clearly had coolant seeping past the gasket, which corroded the hell out of it. So lesson learned; whenever possible check your IACV for proper operation, they tend to fail very easily.

Using the downtime to swap in some ’03+ headlights, fix my hardtop latches, and wiring up my Boost/Vac gauge to the Datalogit for logging.


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