Well the car is finally back on its feet again. I’m working on the tune with Bill (WEB 3.0), so far it has idled and one short trip around the block.

Ran into a few issues:

a. Timing was off on the cams. Bill recognized something was up from my first logs at idle, where it didn’t want to run properly. Like too much advance causing overlap at idle and obviously playing havoc with the AFR. So I popped the valve cover and started fixing it. Not something I enjoy doing with the engine in the car, but it is do-able. Turns out the paint marks I used to match up the timing originally were not correct. Took me all day to figure it out, and luckily I have a spare OE-spec 2ZZ to compare with.

b. Once the timing was solved, I started to idle learn. During the AC-on portion I heard a loud “BANG” and what I thought was steam shooting out the back (water temps were okay.) Turns out it was my high-pressure AC line burst right at the compressor and shot refrigerant out the back. So I repaired the line, and put the system back under vacuum. Luckily it held, so I left it under vacuum for an hour to get rid of any moisture that might have entered the system. I’ll leave the filling of the refrigerant up to Toyota next time.

73. I know I talked about the fuel setup before, but just wanted to go over some of the issues I experienced. First I had fuel leak issues at the NPT plugs and elbow in the rail. I tried several different types of sealant, nothing seemed to work. On my last attempt, I managed to strip all the aluminum threads from the elbow fitting and rail. Completely galled them. So the rail went to Corky where he installed a stainless HeliCoil into the center 1/4″ NPT port. He also stripped and nickle-plated my Marren fuel damper, just so it wouldn’t stand out so much. I also had a Earl’s swivel fitting go bad (it has an internal, non-serviceable o-ring) so had to wait for one of those to come in.

I have to give a plug to these guys: http://www.chicagoconnection.us/

When all the national parts stores couldn’t get me the swivel fitting and had no estimate of delivery, I called these guys and they physically went to find the part, had it in hand, and described what they had to me over the phone. Price was way lower than Summit/Jegs as well. Good customer service all-around.

I reinstalled everything with Permatex High Temp Sealant, using the Permatex Surface Prep Activator for Anaerobics beforehand. It requires 72 hours to cure, and I gave it 84 just for good measure. Thankfully it worked. It’s the only thing I’ve found that did, hopefully it holds up.

This is the sealant: http://www.permatex.com/products/Automotive/thread_compounds/a_thread_sealants/auto_Permatex_High_Temperature_Thread_Sealant.htm
Here’s the prep: http://www.permatex.com/products/Automotive/thread_compounds/thread_compounds_activators/auto_Permatex_Surface_Prep_Activator_for_Anaerobics.htm
Most parts stores carry the sealant, you’ll probably have to order the prep.

Here’s the rail fully assembled next to the 700cc injectors:

74. I got both bumpers on now, but I’ve left off the rear under-panels so that I can easily check for leaks or make adjustments in the engine bay during tuning. My car was missing the front under-panel, so I ordered the matching Beatrush aluminum panel. You can see it installed, fits nicely around the Delrin jacking puck I made. You can’t use the rear mounting holes with Corky’s FMB unless you install it first (then it becomes a pain to ever remove), but it is plenty sturdy using the remaining attachments. I put some thick rubber weather-strip between the panel and the FMB to prevent any rattles.

75. Every car should have a fire extinguisher, especially a highly modified one. I picked up a small H3R HalGuard model, which uses a clean agent. I didn’t want it visible, but still needed easy access, so I mounted it in the passenger side storage cubby. I can easily spring forward the passenger seat and open the door to reach it from the driver’s seat. I mounted it using 3/16″ pop-rivets, with a 3″ wide strip of aluminum backing plate to keep it rigid.


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