First of all, this wasn’t a design, fabrication, or material failure. It was my own stupidity.

I was having no luck getting coolant to circulate the IC system. So I checked things the smart way, pulled the pump apart, good to go. Then I disconnected the lines and blew compressed air though them, no blockages anywhere. So I had nowhere to go but bolt everything back up and try again.

I filled the reservoir back up with coolant, but I left the return line from the IC disconnected below the car. I stuck it an empty anti-freeze jug to catch anything that was pumped through. Then I turned on the pump, everything sounded good, but was doing more of the same; no coolant was being discharged. That’s when I got what sounded like a good idea at the time. I blew compressed air through the system towards the HE and reservoir tank. My thoughts were I would add pressure to the high pressure side, forcing fluid through the system. Well it worked, coolant immediately began filling the jug. That’s when I heard a loud “boom”, and thought I blew a hose off. Only when I shut the pump off and walked around to the front I saw that I had blown out Corky’s fabulous tank.

It didn’t occur to me at the time to check my compressors output, but when I checked it afterward it was sitting at around 50psi! So much for that great looking tank and powder-coat. The only saving grace may be that it’s split at a weld and might be easily repairable (I hope.)

It’s in the mail back to Corky as I type.

I wasn’t going to share this, as I wanted to show what right looks like, but figure just as much good can be done by showing what not to do.


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