Hey guys, sorry for the long over-due update. I’ve been busy with work, waiting on parts, and it’s just too damn hot to work in my garage. My photos are sorta out of order of how I’ve worked on the car, but I’ll try to make some sense out of them.

52. I installed the Walbro 255lph fuel pump into the Spyder’s housing. Not terribly hard to do, just required a few test fits and removal of plastic around the base plate to fit it. Since I’m going with an external fuel pressure regulator, I had to take the OE regulator out the equation. You can’t simply remove it, it has to be blocked off. So I screwed a properly sized stainless bolt into one end, with some fuel-safe epoxy as thread sealant. Then the whole thing was reinstalled. In the first photo you can see the top of fuel housing. The SS braided line is the return fuel line from the external regulator.

53. The Walbro has been known to whine, and with our pump right in the cabin, I wanted to reduce the chances of annoying sounds to minimum. To that end I covered as much of the sheet metal above the fuel tank with mat, first RAAMmAT then some Dynamat Extreme when I ran out.

54. To further quiet down the pump and engine compartment, I added a layer of Ensolite closed cell foam mat. I got this from RAAMaudio, makers of RAAMmat. I just cut it to size then secure it with some 3M spray adhesive. I also put a layer of RAAMmat and two layers of Ensolite on the firewall to reduce engine noise.

55. Now for a little wiring. The MWR/Boomslang/LR 2zz patch harness has three long wires for the lift solenoid and sensor. These must be threaded from the harness to the engine. This creates a problem if you ever need to remove the patch, since you now have wires permanently tied to the engine. So I got a three pole Weatherpack plug kit from McMaster-Carr and wired it into the patch. Now I can remove it easily by just unplugging it like normal.

56. My PFC was previously mounted directly on top of the charcoal canister cover, but now I had to also find a place for the J&S Safeguard. Since the two together are too wide to fit on top, I used two strips of 1″ aluminum. I riveted the strips to the top of the metal cover, then used some industrial Velcro to secure the J&S and PFC to the the lid.

57. Here’s the PFC, J&S, and Datalogit all installed. The J&S isn’t currently wired up, as I’m waiting until the engine is run just on the PFC to ensure the other wiring is good. Everything fits neatly underneath the plastic cubby panels, for a stock look.

more to come…


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