Hey guys, some of you might remember me. I haven’t been on here much since I just got back from a year long deployment. I’ve also been spending most of my forum surfing time working on a new project car.

But I’m back now, with a new Titan! Picked up a brand new ’09 Pro-4X Crew Cab. Decided to go all out, so it has navigation, sun roof, leather, dvd player, and all the other associated options.

I won’t be modding this truck… much. As you can see I’ve already partially debadged it. The truck came with pin-striping which I also removed. Other than the window tint, it’s all stock.

'09 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Pro-4X Rear '09 Nissan Titan Pro-4X InteriorPro-4X Center Stack

BTW, I still have the ’04 LE. I’ll be selling it once I take some parts off. If there is anyone interested in either the truck or parts, let me know. It’s located in Lexington, SC. I’ll eventually have a post about it.