And behold my Cyborg Swapped 2ZZ Spyder…. okay not even close.

PFC secured on top of fuel tank cover using industrial Velcro. The two black wires on the lower right are from the Innovate LC-1. The serial output runs to a Radio Shack serial to USB converter. The black box Datalogit can be seen below the PFC, also running to a USB converter. LR‘s wiring harness adapter is the pack of green wires.
2ZZ Apex'i PFC

Here’s the PFC Commander. I wanted it accessible, but also neatly out of the way when not in use. The extra wire is stored up under the storage compartment end caps, and the Commander is attached using Velcro.
PFC Under Cubby Plastic

So where do those USB lines from the PFC Datalogit and LC-1 run to? I extended them both 6ft, wrapped them with wire loom and electrical tap, then ran them under the passenger dash. When not in use the cables are easily tucked behind the glove box. The LC-1 USB cable is distinguished with a small red zip-tie.
PFC USB Connection

Now I just need to figure out how to Autotune with Copilot.


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