Installed a set of the new PRG Traction Bars on my ’04 Titan. I had a few issues with installing the new U-bolt plate, nothing serious and Greg has been informed. The ride feels more solid now, from a stop and at any speed, especially during gear changes. Feels like a straight acceleration curve, rather than “jumps” when shifting. The biggest difference is no more wheel hop around corners and in reverse. I can reverse at high speed without the axle feeling like it’s about to tear out from under the truck. This is a very heavy duty set-up, every piece of it. I haven’t got to drive much since putting it on, but so far two thumbs up.

PRG Traction Bar Components

PRG Traction Bar Ends

PRG Traction Bar Mounts

PRG Traction Bars Bottom View

PRG Traction Bars Installed


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