Chad MoreheadHey there, I’m Chad and Eat, Sleep, Tinker is my personal blog, though I’d rather not even call it a “blog”.  There’s a bit of an expectation with a blog, that I should be keeping up with the latest news or dazzling you with my political ramblings.  No, that’s not this place at all.  It’s more of a hiding spot for my latest project, just a collection of the things I enjoy.  I found myself jumping from forum to forum in order to update threads and posts on my various hobbies, which left me at the mercy of some unknown person’s website.

Many broken links later, I decided to just dump it in one place, on my own server.  I’ve done this for some time for my files and images, but it never had a front-end or content management system.  So that’s where this “blog” came into play.  Technological advances such as smart phones with WordPress apps also helped persuade me to put this together.  Now I have the ability to snap a quick picture with the phone and immediately post it, all with automatic social-networking, tagging, and categorizing.

So enough computer gibberish, why “Eat, sleep, tinker”?

I’ve had a life-long passion for anything mechanical or technical.  It runs in my family for sure, I grew up in garages and hangars.  Naturally, tinkering on things became my hobby.  I was never one to read the manual (though I force myself to now), I learned how things work by taking them apart and hopefully getting them back together in the right order.  My interests have ranged from radio controlled airplanes to becoming a maintenance test pilot for the most advanced attack helicopter in the world.  While I thoroughly enjoy my experiences as both a private and professional aviator, the sheer expense of flying has driven me to my other love: cars.

I now spend all of my time working on cars, whether it be simple preventive maintenance or a complete engine rebuild in preparation for an upcoming track event.  I was doing so much work on cars that I decided to start my own business specializing in performance, track, and race cars: Morehead Speed Works.

Morehead Speed Works Logo

If you want to know a bit more, especially about my track day driving experiences, check out this interview I gave to Eat, Sleep, Tinker – Driver Interview.

Another day at the office.

While this may be my personal website, there’s also a bit of my professional life sprinkled in.  I’m always looking for new opportunities, especially those inline with my interests.  So please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss one of my projects, my future plans, or just to chat.