This is a complete performance rebuild on an S50. No expense spared, just about every part in this motor has been touched and freshened. This motor was built with ultimate reliability in mind, with performance bits added for good measure.

If you know anything about these motors, you know what it would cost in terms of time and money to do such a thorough build yourself.  All external fasteners have been torqued striped for extra security.

Originally built as a NASA GTS Build with a goal of being extra bulletproof.  Less than 1,000 miles on it following build.

Below are the details of the build. Feel free to ask any questions.

Bottom End Internals:
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
ARP Con Rod Bolts
New OE Main Bearings
New ACL Tri-Metal Rod Bearings
MultiLayer Steel Head gasket
New Piston Rings
Balanced OE Con Rods
Block fully checked by machine shop for square and cracks. Honed and very lightly decked to ensure good MLS head gasket seal.
All gaskets, seals and guides replaced.
Timing chain guides checked.

Head Work:
New Bavarian Solutions (Supercoil) Dual Spring Valve Springs (Overrev Protection)
New Bavarian Solutions Titanium Retainers
All lifters cleaned and checked
Fresh Valve Seals
Fresh valve lapping
Head evaluated at machine shop for leaks: Seals perfectly, no cracks. Very lightly decked to ensure good MLS head gasket seal.
Fully rebuilt Vanos unit. Quiet as a mouse.

Intake and Fuel Management:
3.5″ MAF
Mishimoto 3.5″-3.0″ Silicone Intake Boot
Amsoil oversized cone filter
EWS-Disabled 413 ECU with WAR Chip (tunable chip)
24lbs Bosch Injectors
Full un-cut wiring harness
S50 Intake Manifold

Engine Preservation
S54 Oil Pan with all new seals & Gaskets
S54 Oil Pump (zero run time)
Safety-wired oil pump nut

Valve cover powder coated black
New OEM serpentine tensioner and idler
New Plugs
Heater block-off installed (heater port included)
New aluminum thermostat housing w/ spare (1/8″ NPT tapped port)
New OEM thermostat
OEM Alternator & Starter
New OEM driver’s side engine bracket

Spares & Install Parts
New OEM Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
New OEM Exhaust Manifold studs
New OEM Exhaust Manifold nuts
New OEM Crankcase Ventilation Vent (PCV)
New OEM IACV Intake Manifold Connector
New OEM Knock Sensor & one lightly used
New OEM Throttle Body Gasket
New OEM Intake Manifold Gaskets
New OEM dipstick o-ring & washer
New OEM valve cover plastic caps
New (spare) VANOS gasket
Bag Full of Spare Hardware
New OEM idle air hose
New Continental Belt

Price: $3800 includes free freight to contiguous US.

There’s a lot more money in this engine than I’m asking.  The engine is currently bolted to a pallet and could be shipped, buyer pays freight cost.  Can be picket up in 29072, I have a engine hoist for loading.


IMAG1658S54 Oil PanS54 oil pump and dual pick-upIMAG1637 IMAG1639 IMAG1640 IMAG1641 IMAG1642 IMAG1643 IMAG1644 IMAG1645 IMAG1646 IMAG1647 IMAG1648 IMAG1649 IMAG1650 IMAG1651 IMAG1652 IMAG1655 IMAG1656