Chassis is a ’94 325i Coupe.  Fully caged by Bimmerworld at their facility.  Was originally intended to be a GTS2 car, but can go up in class (or Mod in Club Racing) depending on what powertrain you go with.  Chassis was built to be extremely light and stiff.

Cage extends through firewall and braces the front strut towers, as well as footwell protection.  Rear bars brace against reinforced upper shock mounts.  Cage is welded into both A and B pillers, which were cut away for more interior space.  Door bars are X-brace style.  Driver’s side bows out into door for added room, passenger side is straight.

Steering column is custom with adjustable height off of the dash cross bar.  Quick disconnect included.

Driver’s seat mount custom fabricated to get as low and close to center as possible.

Additional harness bar for different seat heights.

Driver’s side window net attachment points welded in and spring-loaded style bar included.  Net included, but out of date.

Three cylinder Tilton hanging pedal setup with balance bar and knob for adjusting bias.  Front, Rear, and Clutch cylinders included with reservoirs.

Cage has a hard black epoxy coat on it currently, but remainder of interior is original or coated with Rust Encapsulator.

Also included are:

Two dashes (one cut for cage, one untouched)
Rear glass
Fuel tank with Bimmerworld dual pump setup installed (installed in chassis)
Spare stock fuel tank (’95 M3)
Rear Subframe
Front Subframe
Transmission Crossmember
Chassis reinforcement kit (not welded in yet.)
Rear M3 trailing arms with CV axles still installed
Upper Control Arms x2 Pair
New front fenders (e-coated)
M3 Black Plastic Moulding
M3 Doors w/ Mirrors
M3 Front and Rear Bumper Covers (Alpine White)
325i Rear Bumper Cover (Black)
M3 Rocker Side Moulding (Alpine White)
M3 aftermarket front lip (lower than stock)
325i Hood & Trunk lids (Black)
M3 Hood & Trunk lids (Alpine white)
M3 front and rear calipers.
325i and M3 (’95) steering racks.
325i and M3 power steering pumps
Crash bars (original plus extra that have been lightened)
Several Crash Bar Shock Mounts
M3 (’95) Anti-Sway Bar
M3 (’95) Front Hubs
M3 (’95) shifter assembly
M3 Bumper Foglight Blanking Plates
Brake Lights x 2 pairs
Front Plastic Undertray
Window Net (Expired) with Spring Loaded Mount
Tilton Billet Brake Bias adjuster kit (New)
Tilton 74 Series 18mm Master Cylinder Kit (New)
Tilton 74 Series 19mm Master Cylinder Kit (New)
Tilton 74 Series 19mm Master Cylinder Kit (New)
Tilton hanging pedal set (Engine side of firewall cylinders)
M3 Front Brakes with Bimmerworld Stainless Pistons & Brass Guides
ATE Front Brakes x2 Pair
ATE Rear Brakes x3
Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect
Steering Wheel Spacers x2
All Black Boxes (computers) from ’95 M3
Complete (minus stereo) wiring harness from ’95 M3
Rubber/Plastic Trim from ’95 M3
External plastic/rubber trim (New)
Bag of new trim/molding attachment clips
Plastic Cowl Cover (New)
Windshield Wiper Assembly
Wheel Spacers x2 pair (thin ~5mm)
Several boxes/bags of hardware from ’95 M3 & ’94 325i

Issues:  Spare tire well is dented, I planned on cutting it and installing a flat panel.  Left rear wheel arch dented, could be pulled and repaired during paint prep or cut out for wheel flares.

Location: Lexington, SC 29072 (Just outside of Columbia.)

Email: chad at
Text/Phone: 864-506-Sixteen Fourteen


Feel free to ask any questions.  There are a lot of items which I’m sure I’m missing, but if it’s part of the shell, then it’s included.

Here are current photos (as of 12/14):

Photos of included items:

Here are photos from the cage build at Bimmerworld: