A couple weekends ago I attended the 2014 Euro Auto Festival held at the BMW North American Manufacturing plant (produces all the SAV “X” series vehicles) near Greer, SC.

There wasn’t a great deal of promotion for this show, I just happened to hear about it through the local BMW CCA chapter’s email news letter.  I’m glad I did find out about it, as it was a great show.  It wasn’t as uppity as say a concourse level show but certainly a step up from cars and coffee gatherings (not that I don’t also enjoy those.)  Obviously it was specifically for European cars, with Porsche as this year’s featured marque.

They’ve been having this show for 18 years, and it showed in the smooth execution.  The cars were grouped according to their country of origin (except for the lone Opel that got lumped in between the Brits and Italians) and then manufacturer.  The cars were spread across the grass lawns surrounding BMW‘s Zentrum museum, directly in front of the factory.  Spectating was completely free, including parking in shaded the BMW employee lot (which was filled with visitors in equally impressive cars as those on display.)

I really enjoyed the show, although there was no M Coupe to represent the Coupe Cartel.  Despite this horrible oversight 😉 there was still a great variety.  Beyond your mundane 911s, boring M Cars, and pedestrian Ferraris; there was a nice showing of oddities like Citroëns and  De Tomaso Panteras.   I’ll be keeping tabs on their website for next year and plan to bring the Clown Shoe.


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