Since I’ve written an already too long post on my first experiences at Road Atlanta, here’s a little overflow post with just photos and videos.

Curb Hopping T3

Let’s start with some videos.  First up a little bit of a close one.  Going down into T6, I give a heads up to the E36 behind me that I’ll give him a pass.  We had been back and forth a few times before, our speeds closely matched.  Passing in our run group was open, and I was getting bored with all the straight-line passing.

After the session and pulling into the pits, the driver who spun flagged me down; “Tell me you got that on video!”  Good to see he was in good spirits.  From my rear-view mirror perspective, I could swear he smacked the inside wall with his rear.  Fortunately it only popped his trunk and he escaped without any damage.  We both got a little lucky here.  He told me that he had downshifted to second and just gunned it, overwhelming the rears and then entered a bit of a tank-slapper.

Let this next video serve as a cautionary tale of why you should always make sure all loose items are out of your car.  I had a small paper track map stuffed into the cubby below the radio, where it had been for all the previous sessions.  But down the back straight it decided to take flight and bounce around the cabin.  I grabbed it and balled it up, trying to think of a place to stuff it.  I made the decision to eject it rather than chance it tumbling around again.  I know, I know, littering is bad but not as bad as being detracted by a piece of trash going through T11.  And yes, I did check my mirrors and there wasn’t anyone close behind.

And here’s some longer clips of the sessions on Sunday.  This is the first session:

This is the second session, I played around with Adobe Premiere to add the title images.

Finally the last session of the weekend.

Check out some of the great shots provided by AWOLPhoto.

T3 Hop BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_1J6A6399BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_1J6A6340 T12 onto Front StraightT5 out of the Essesses BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_1J6A3289E92 M3, M4, and E36 M3 BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_1J6A3170Turn into T1 BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_074A3095BMWCCA_Road_Atlanta_201409_1J6A7620 T11 Bridge


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