I suppose I’m hooked on this Cars & Coffee thing, well at least it’s satiating my car addiction between days spent at the track.  Last week was my first time at one of these events, making my way up to Greenville, SC in the M Coupe.  One redeeming quality to Columbia (and it’s definitely not the weather) is its central location between Greenville, Charlotte, Charleston (and just a bit further for Savannah.)  Be it through skillful planning or mere coincidence, the Cars & Coffee events of the Carolinas are fortunately spread across the month rather than the same weekend.  This allowed for consecutive weekends of milling about parking lots, staring at cars.

The Cars & Coffee Charlotte takes place the first Saturday of every month in a large parking lot near downtown.  At first it appeared to be a smaller turn-out than the Upstate event, but many cars were trickling in late.  I must say there was greater variety of cars, especially the higher-end and rare models when compared to the Greenville gathering.  Charlotte is a major city, so there were exotics in attendance, such as an F12 Berlinetta and Lamo Aventador.  Great to see some of these high dollar new cars, but I am more interested in the oddities and rare classics like a Datsun 2000 Roadster, Land Rover D110, DMC, or a really beautiful Alpha.  There were also some brand new performance models to check out, see the photos below for the 2015 M3/M4 twins and Camaro Z28.



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