I had to devise a plan to move two bare chassis, one taking up room in my garage and another in front of the house.  With no running gear, it would require some method of wheeling them around.  If I had a flat driveway this would be cake, I have enough furniture dollies to just slide them around.  But things get rather complicated with a steep driveway and the need to move the car up to the side yard. I figured I’d need the truck to get the car, even in its lightweight form, up the grass and into my side lot.  That necessitated using some form of a trailer.  I ended up purchasing the cheapest Harbor Freight utility trailer I could (aren’t they all cheap, well at least cheaply made?) and modified it to suit my needs. Rather than bolting it together, which always results in making an already flimsy contraption that much more flimsy, I welded the entire thing together.  I also needed to stretch the tongue out six feet so that it would reach from under the car.  I then welded on a tongue jack to keep the whole thing level when not hooked to the truck.

Trailer Under CarWelding Trailer

The process wasn’t very elegant, but it worked.  I jacked up the car fairly high on jack stands space as widely as possible, then rolled the trailer underneath, trying to keep the majority of the weight over the tongue to prevent it from popping a wheelie.  I ran one ratchet strap around the bottom, hooked into the door hangers to help keep the car stable.  From there I simply backed the shell up into my side lot so that I can power wash the chassis and remove as much undercoating as possible.


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