Recall my recent post about the untimely demise of my MR2 Spyder’s engine during a brief track weekend.  A recent visit to the guys down at DDPR gave me an opportunity to see exactly how bad the engine was damaged.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Damaged cylinder head  Damaged piston top Damaged cylinder wallBroken valve stem tipIn this last photo you see the broken off tip of an exhaust valve from the #1 cylinder.  It broke right at the retainer and looks as though it was a material failure.  Lesson: probably shouldn’t rely on used OEM parts in an engine producing 310hp to the wheels out of 1.8L.

The cylinder wall, close to the top of the deck is damaged from the loose valve head.  There’s also some scoring in another cylinder, could possibly be from particulates being injected into the oil during the destruction going on in cylinder #1.  Obviously the combustion chamber of the guilty cylinder is badly damaged on both the head and piston sides.  Looks like a set of 10.5:1 pistons are in order, which should also help to reduce EGTs and also allow running slightly leaner mix as detonation wouldn’t be as big a concern.


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