It’s that time of year, or at least it’s getting close to it; Spring. And Spring means Spring Clean-Up.  I’ve been neglecting my garage for several months, focusing most my efforts on getting more seat time at the track.  That meant only using the garage for the bare essentials, such as brake jobs or suspension tweaks.  But taking up over half my garage is the ultimate project: my ’95 M3.  This project has morphed from a simple track-day special to a full out race car, but that’s mostly in my head.  I had striped most of the car, all of the interior in fact, some time ago, but it has sat motionless for some time.  With the Spyder broke and out of the garage, there’s no time like the present to get back to work on the race car.  Before anything could occur I needed to move most of the clutter.  The shell had become just another shelf for other parts.  The roof and trunk had tires stacked on them, beneath the car were drive-shafts, brake boosters, suspension components, intake manifolds, and the list goes on.  The other side of the car had two S50 engines, one sitting on a stand, the other on a furniture dolly.  Beneath the engine bay there were two rear differentials, another sitting against the wall.  You get the idea.  So far I’ve moved a good deal out from around the car, gaining space to actually get to the car.
IMG_7299 IMG_7296 IMG_7297 IMG_7298


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