Titan towing M CoupeI had planned on saying my farewells to the M Coupe a few weeks ago when I sent it back to the great state of South Carolina with my parents.  I needed the extra space in the garage to start back on the track build on the M3, there was no sense in keeping two cars outside.  Unfortunately I got caught by the BMW CCA‘s rule book, which might as well make any convertibles illegal.  Even my MR2 with its 4-point roll bar doesn’t meet their requirements, which state you must have a 2″ clearance between your helmet and an invisible line drawn from the top of the roll bar and the top of the front strut tower.  It’s all a bit ridiculous and several CCA members have agreed with me, but it doesn’t help change the rule.  Since I didn’t want to give up an opportunity to run in the Club Racing School at TWS or at COTA in March, back the M Coupe came.  I was at home in SC for the holidays anyways, where I was going to tow my empty trailer from.  So back to having four (well three running) cars.