I just happened to be searching through my pictures folder for something completely unrelated when I came across some old photos I took when I was and the Alabama Grand Prix, a Indy Car race at Barber Motorsports Park.  If you’ve never been, it’s really a worthwhile trip.  Just look at the wonderful accommodations:

IMG_1071Okay, so we were slumming it.  Just a few poor young career course students, so we opted for the dirt cheap camping spots.  We were surrounded by RVs, and much nicer cars than a Nissan Titan, but everyone was very friendly and no one enforced the “no bonfires” rule… we checked.

The track environment is absolutely beautiful, like a well maintained golf course.  There are large sculptures around the track, giant ants, spiders, and other oddities.  The real gem of the park is the museum, a multi-storied labyrinth of motorcycles and race cars.  I believe it’s the larges single collection of bikes in the US (possibly North America.)  There’s everything from Honda 50cc’s to one-off superbikes to WWII military bikes with sidecars.  If bikes aren’t your thing, there’s a very impressive collection of Lotus race cars.  This is no warehouse conversion, everything is very feng shui, presented in great detail.  Below are just some of the photos I shot while strolling around during the 2010 race weekend.


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