My last post covered some of the initial issues with setting up a GoPro external microphone to capture track/driving video, which eventually led me to purchase a Sony ECM DS70P external microphone for use with my GoPro Hero 3 Black.  I’m just now getting around to testing the microphone out, and unfortunately it wasn’t at the track.  Just on a whim I decided to drive down to Texas Hill Country to check out some of the twisties.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, with rain and lightening arriving to the area at about the time I rolled in.  So rather than push it on the really curvy sections, I stuck to some more sedate roads.  The car was slipping a bit, so good thing I wasn’t on a more challenging road.

I didn’t have time to really setup the camera properly with the coming rain, and I was just doing this on the side of the road.  There may be a little bit too much noise from the water spray (the dead cat was wet when I finally stopped) but I think you get the idea.  Overall, seems as though the Sony mic did a tad bit better on sound and wasn’t broken at the end of the test like the Chinese copy.

Sony ECM DS70PSony vs Polar Pro

The video contains a few short acceleration runs, as well as downshifts and upshifts.  The clip at the end shows how bad the rain eventually became.

I hope to be at the track this weekend, where I’ll be driving (fingers crossed) the Spyder.  This should give an excellent comparison to the M Coupe (Supercharged I4 vs NA I6.)


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