The M3 is practically a bare chassis, except for the rear subframe, fuel tank, and that god forsaken wiring.  I anticipated this being the biggest hassle of the build, and so far it has been.  The air-conditioning and heating unit require every bit of the dash and support bars to be removed.  It bolts through the firewall, secured from the engine side.  I’m not sure you could do all this with the engine in, having it and the windshield out has made the work much easier.  The brake ABS motor, manifold, and booster have now all been removed.  I should now be able to snake the brake hard lines out from the front, leaving the engine bay empty except for the fuse box.  The fuse box will require the entire wiring harness from the cabin passing through the firewall.  Before I do that, I need to pair down as much of the wiring as possible.

Empty Engine BayHVAC Unit Removed

Driver side wiringDiscarded stereo wires

Passenger footwell wiringRemoved black boxes

Back seat wiringPile of parts removed from car

Mostly stripped down carTwo trash bags full of sound insulation


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