I was back at Texas World Speedway (TWS) this past Saturday for a track day event with Performance Driving School (PDS), which is the on-site event organizer.  This was my second time at TWS, but first time running counterclockwise and first time with the PDS.  Unfortunately, it was ridiculously hot at 102F and 83% humidity.  I was lucky enough to score a garage, so at least the car and I were in the shade.  It was still far too hot to be out there, and I paid the consequences.  It was tough enough learning a new direction, but the heat, new tires (Bridgestone RE-11s), and my first time in blue combined to really make for slow lap times.  I was really babying it around the track, purposefully starting at the back of the grid, yet still getting passed.  Enough driver excuses right?

M Coupe at TWS

The guys at PDS were very friendly, on par with what I’ve seen from The Driver’s Edge.  It was a smaller group out there (probably due to the heat) so we had plenty of track and long run times.  I didn’t see any trains forming and everyone was very courteous on track with point-by’s.  My instructor, Kevin, was also very good.  Taking his time with my piss-poor driving and explaining the proper line in detail.  There was a decent collection of cars in the paddock, everything from a Radical to a V6 Charger.


As I mentioned it was HOT!  I brought a cooler and was drinking what seemed like a lot of water (perhaps too much), and began to feel pretty ill during the second session.  I cooled off in the driver’s lounge for a while and went out did my last two sessions.  The brakes faded (pedal fade) immensely during the beginning of the fourth session, so I backed off further.  I had bled them the night prior with ATE Super Blue, so I was surprised to see them not last for more than three sessions.  I have some Motul (intended for the E36) that I may have to put in the car.  But the heat took its worse toll on me.  Even after cutting a couple sessions short and drinking tons of water, I was feeling pretty miserable.  So much so that on the drive home (2 hours) I started getting clammy and pale, my hands tingling.  I’ve had this happen before, years ago during Army training, so I pulled off to a restaurant to get more water, something to eat, and sit in the AC for an hour or so.

Rather than risk the same thing happening on Sunday (not to mention I would still need to get the brakes situated) I decided not to go back Sunday.  Too bad, as I was really looking to get more comfortable with the track.

Videos from the event:


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