I recently stepped up to Swain Tech ceramic coating for my PPE headers.  I tried Jet-Hot, which didn’t little if anything and started flaking off.  I also had the PPE headers ceramic coated by the guys at DDPR (they took it to a local third-party shop), and while the coating hadn’t started flaking, it was very thin and I could see bluing from underneath.  Neither of these coatings did much to lower the under-hood temperatures.  My engine bay was pretty toasty, hence my addition of two cooling fans to evacuate heat out the lid.

Swain Tech is generally regarded as the best in the business.  The downsides: they take 3-4 weeks to turn-around your job, they only offer one coating which is a textured silver-ish white, and they are probably the most expensive out there.  That said, the coating is thick.  You can immediately see how much thicker it is out of the box.  Time will tell if it holds up better than the others, and I’ll have to get back to you on any improvements on under hood temps.  While I had the headers out I installed some DEI gold heat reflective foil on the crossmember and the DDPR engine mount heat shield.  The paint had completely burned off the crossmember, which I repaired with some high-temp matte black.

DEI Gold Foil Headers installed

Headers installed Overhead view of header


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