Finally got around to replacing the brake booster on the Spyder, which had been experiencing occasional loss of vacuum assist. When I pulled out the old one, I noticed the o-ring around the master cylinder was dry and flat. More than likely that was the cause. Unfortunately I can only blame myself for that, as I had replaced the master cylinder years ago while chasing a soft pedal issue (that too was my fault, as I had swapped the front calipers, making it impossible to completely bleed them.)

So, in effect, a simple mistake years ago caused me to replace almost all of my brake system. At least I know it’s in working order.

While I was doing the booster, I added an additional check valve back on the rubber line coming off the intake manifold, just to make sure boost wasn’t teaching the booster.

Old and New Brake Booster Old Booster Removed IMG_6505 IMG_6506


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