Picked up a freshly built S50US with less than 1k on it.  It was in a 318ti before the car met its untimely demise with a wall at the track.  Should provide for a much more reliable lump in my M3.



Bottom End Internals
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
ARP Con Rod Bolts
New OE Main Bearings
New ACL Tri-Metal Rod Bearings
MultiLayer Steel Head gasket
New Piston Rings
Balanced OE Con Rods
Block fully checked by machine shop for square and cracks. Honed and very lightly decked to ensure good MLS head gasket seal.
All gaskets, seals and guides replaced.
Timing chain guides checked.

Head Work
New Bavarian Solutions (Supercoil) Dual Spring Valve Springs (Overrev Protection)
New Bavarian Solutions Titanium Retainers
All lifters cleaned and checked
Fresh Valve Seals
Fresh valve lapping
Head evaluated at machine shop for leaks: Seals perfectly, no cracks. Very lightly decked to ensure good MLS head gasket seal.
Fully rebuilt Vanos unit. Quiet as a mouse.

Intake and Fuel Management
3.5″ MAF
Mishimoto 3.5″-3.0″ Silicone Intake Boot
Amsoil oversized cone filter
EWS-Disabled ECU with WAR Chip and Solid Tune For the Motor
24lbs Bosch Injectors

Raceland Headers, port-matched to head.

Engine Preservation
VAC Oil Pan Baffle
VAC Oil Pump Upgrade Kit


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