While I had the door cards removed for several other reasons, I also took the time to install the tweeters for the new Hybrid Audio (HAT) components.  I decided to keep it simple, mounting them in the same location as the stock tweeters.  The stock HK system uses two sets of speakers in the door car, I simply removed the larger one as it was no longer needed.

OEM HK Tweeters

Here are the two Harman Kardon tweeters, each held into place by two Torx screws.

Seperating the HK Tweeter from Mount

Used a small flat head screwdriver to pry the HK tweeter away from its plastic mount, just glued on.

Tweeter and Mount Seperated

Here are the HK tweeter separated from its mount. I used a Dremel to remove the inner cone guard from the mount (not depicted.)

HAT Tweeter Epoxied to Mount

The new HAT tweeter epoxied in place on the OE tweeter mount.

I reused the OE wiring harness, so that the Hybrid tweeters plug into the door harness just like factory.  All connections were soldered and heat-shrinked.  Pretty easy.


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