As you may have recently read, I’ve torn my 2002 BMW M Coupe’s doors apart for some repairs.  While the doors were disassembled, I wanted to take care of some preventive maintenance.  An issue common to all cars once they get a little long in the tooth is for the windows to start to slow when raising or lowering.  Mine weren’t quite that bad, actually they seemed like new (remember only 30k on the clock.)  But tearing apart the doors isn’t something I want to do down the road, and I had to pull the windows to fix both the locks and the broken quarter glass, so might as well.  Cheap insurance at less than $10 for all the parts (4x 51321938884.)  I won’t go into the details of accomplishing this task, a detailed DIY can be found here:

NOTE: You will probably have to reconnect the battery to actuate the window up and down while the side airbags are removed.  This will leave you with an airbag (SRS) light on the dash.  I use an inexpensive BMW SRS reset tool that can be easily found on eBay to reset the system once everything is plugged back up.  Make sure you do not have the battery connected anytime you are plugging or unplugging the airbags.

Window Regulator

Window regulator and sliders.

New Sliders

New Plastic Sliders still in the package.

Removing the old sliders

Removing the old slider. Using a screwdriver to pull of the metal clip.

New and old sliders

New slider on the left, old on the right. Slight difference.

Installing the new slider

Installing the new slider.

Window Bottom Track

Bottom of the window track with fresh white lithium grease.


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