While home from Afghanistan I decided to take care of a few things on the Coupe. One, I got rid of the dry rotted original tires (Pilot Sports) and put on some Continental DW in 235 and 255. Made a huge difference is traction and feel. I haven’t put on many miles yet, but they are quiet and grippy. It’s been very wet here and they are doing well.

I also got rid of the Dinan potato shooter exhaust and put on a 80mm quad tip SuperSprints. Took my time getting them lined up, which required a little trimming on the bottom edge of the bumper cover. Overall the sound is similar to the Dinan, not too loud, but noticeable. I much prefer the look. I also have a set of SS Stepped Headers waiting to go on, but I’ll save those for much later.











Just wanted to give an update on the exhaust and tires in case anyone was considering them. I put a few miles on them with a 2 hour drive back to the M Coupe’s birthplace, drove up to the Greer plant, took the tour, and checked out the Zentrum. I recommend going at least once, especially if you are close as I was.

As for the SuperSprints. At idle and no-load situations (revving) they are actually nearly identical to the Dinan in level of sound. The Dinan seem to be slightly deeper, but both are not loud by any stretch. I never had the stock exhaust, so I can’t compare there. Under acceleration the SS also have a similar volume as the Dinan, but more of a “scream” than the Dinan which is a bit more throaty. They sound great on downshift blips of the throttle (still haven’t mastered heal n’ toe with my big feet.) Unfortunately my drive was mostly highway, steady-state, with the cruise set. This is where neither exhaust shines. Like many cars, the M has a drone at a specific frequency. It was present with the Dinan, but is slightly louder with the SS. It’s not so obtrusive that you can’t carry on a conversation at normal volumes, but it’s just a steady throb. Most of you are familiar with the sound, and usually requires a resonator or tuned pipes to eliminate. I have a Euro resonator on order from Germany, which I hope will eliminate this. My intent with this car is to keep it as civil as possible. I have another car with supercharger, stiff suspension, and screaming exhaust, don’t need two. I’ve also got a set of SS V2 stepped headers to install, which will surely open up the sound, but I will install cats in the midpipe to keep it in check.

Overall I’m very pleased with the exhaust, it let’s itself be known when driving aggressively, but is quiet enough during easy driving to make it a good choice as a daily. My only caveat would be if you do a lot of steady RPM highway driving, you will have some noticeable drone. The radio playing at a reasonable volume would more than likely overpower it. I also plan to do a little sound dampening in the cargo floor when I do Randy’s subframe reinforcement.

As for the Conti DWs, I’m very pleased here as well. Again, I’m not looking to build a track car, so I wanted something with good wet traction and quiet operation. The car tracks beautifully with these tires in a slightly up-size configuration (235 & 255.) No tram-lining, no tire noise. It was misting the whole drive, so the roads were damp. I made a few hard accelerations from a stop, and the DSC hardly ever took over. I could break them loose if that was my intent, but it was never a concern of uncontrolled tire slip like with my old set. I didn’t push them in any corners (still not 100% familiar with the car’s handling) but the tires felt confident in 7/10ths driving. I can’t comment on tread wear or track/auto-cross performance, but they look like they’ll be a great tire for someone looking for a performance tire on a daily that has good wet traction.



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