77. I decided to go ahead and wire in my J&S Safeguard, although it is set to just monitor at this point. Once the tune is more dialed in, I will turn it on for added protection. I studied the Spyder wiring diagrams and chose what I thought were the best power and ground pins for the J&S. Everything else is pretty straight forward. To help me keep all the green wires of my patch harness straight, I picked up a label maker and labeled all the wires I’d be cutting. I also didn’t want to use the wire taps, because these wires are pretty thin and taps can weaken them plus not give very good continuity. So I soldered all the splices, then covered them with heat shrink.

JS Wiring Patch Labels

78. To keep everything neat and strong, I zip tired all the wires together, which also kept the labels out of the way. The long thin white wire is coming from the J&S and will run to the Datalogit so I can log the degrees of retard that the J&S is adjusting.
JS Wiring Patch Complete

79. Installed back in the car. You can see the thin white wire run to the Datalogit, in addition to the LC-1 WBO2 and boost/vac sender. The J&S is velcro’d down and I have enough slack in the wire that I can remove it and place it next to me while driving to fine tune the sensitivity. It’ll go back under the cubby floor once it is all dialed in.
JS Wiring Patch Installed


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