And now on to more updates:

70. If you look a few pages back you will see my Deka battery and terminals. Well those terminals were complete crap. Stay away from anything made by Streetwires. While they looked nice and had the setup I needed, they are made of the weakest metal I’ve ever encountered. I broke 3 of these, and that’s after I replaced all the hardware (allen set screws) with quality stainless hardware. I happened to have a parts store brand set of terminals laying around, and they worked perfectly for my needs. I replaced the bolts with slightly longer stainless bolts, but that was it. I was able to retain my wire setup.

71. You’re probably all familiar with the front jack point, which is the center of the forward crossmember. Well mine had seen way too much abuse and was deformed and dented all to hell. So I took a cut-off wheel to it, and welded in a 3″x9.5″ 3/16″ thick piece of steel plate. Then I got a 1″ thick block of Delrin, and bolted it to the plate using some countersunk allen bolts. I shaped the Delrin puck to fit in the dish of a floor jack, and it makes getting a safe jacking spot so much easier.

72. I modded my rear bumper bar and muffler heat shield to allow better airflow out the rear vents. I’ll be removing the plastic filler diamonds for the rear grill. Both an aesthetic mod and functional. I cut two large rectangular holes on both sides of the bar, on either side of where the license plate will be. I welded two 1/2″ square tubes to the inside of the bumper to retain the strength of the bar. I also plugged the holes in the top of the bar where the wire clips go, then ran the license plate lighting wires on the inside of the bar so that they can not be seen from the outside of the rear grill. Then I cut away from the muffler heat shield so that it too wouldn’t block air flow out the back but would still protect the plastic bumper for the heat. Two short pieces of aluminum were riveted to the back of the bumper bar and Rivet-Nuts used to mount the shield to the bumper bar using the factory hardware.


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